Are you thinking of wearing a rave bra in your event? Rave bras can be worn in several interesting ways that you would not even know.

If you are not able to decide the right method to wear it, then below information will assist you.

Factors that you need to consider

Consider the type of rave party on the basis of the following factors:

Is it outdoors or indoors?

Do you see any pattern preference such as neon, galaxy, metallic or tie-dye?

Are you going to dance, shuffle, or hoop?

What is your budget?


Over a shirt

On wearing a bra over another shirt, will become the prime focus. You can also wear a corset above knee boots and an oversized tee that looks like a mini dress.

With a cut-up tee

Take a chopped-up tee and layer it on a bralette. This will prevent your nipples from getting exposed. Contrast this oversized top with a feminine lace bra for a perfect touch.

In the form of a matching set

If your bra matches your skirt or trousers or skirt, then it will surely grab the eyeballs of people to your dress. You will find an amazing range of bralettes in varying designs, multiple colors with smoking jackets and wide-leg trousers to accompany them.


There are various types of ornamental bras present in the market. One of them is a brain the form of a shirt. Wearing it in the above way offers the best look for a friend’s reunion, rave parties, and other casual settings.