Following are a few important questions regarding photocopier renting, which has been answered briefly.

Should I prefer to lease or buy a copier?

It makes very good sense to take any location de photocopieurs (copier hire) rather than buying option, as you can easily budget for monthly rent rather than blocking your finance in buying a machine. Rental takes care of all its maintenance and consumables too.

When copier leasing does not make sense?

In case you are starting a company, which will run on a long-term basis then leasing a copier does not make much sense. Also, if the use of such a machine is not too frequent then too renting is not the right option.

How expensive is leasing any copier?

Depending upon the size and capacity of the copier the monthly rent can be anything between $100 to $250 in a month.

Is there any difference between renting and leasing a copier?

If your need is for a very shorter duration then you can prefer to take copier on a rental basis. Any other types of business where it may need for a longer period then the leasing option is more preferable.

What is normally the average lease period of any copier?

Usually, it can be for 24 or 36 months, though few companies may opt for any longer period too.

How to compare lease rates of the copier?

By using the copier base rate feature of Copier Leasing Central, you can easily compare the rates.