After freezing and chilling winters, there comes lazy and tanned summers. Tanning is associated with many questions regarding skin care and safety. After all, people don’t want to go on a holiday with a bad skin!

People in Mission Viejo tend to believe in some myths in terms of tanning that sometimes even restricts them from getting its benefits.

So, here are some common myths about tanning Mission Viejo, which requires to be busted right away.

Misconceptions Regarding Tan

  • Not every controlled tan is safe
  • Base tan also does lie in “safe tan”
  • Tanned skin is no way healthy

The problems related to skin must never be overlooked, but surely the misconception should be removed. Tan really means the response of our body to the UV rays detecting the damage. However, indoor tan these days too has increased highly in popularity with number of people opting for it.

 Adverse Effects of Excessive Tan

Tanning beds, which is the new sensation for youngsters these days, can be harmful if not used in moderation. Reports show that more than 2500 cases of melanoma, the deadliest of skin cancer, occurred in 2016. Out of which, 300 deaths were confirmed.

Well, if you are conscious, then there are others things useful for you rather than tanning up whole day indoors. They are as follows.

  • Use sunscreen, sunglasses and hats
  • Avoid going out in middle of the day
  • Strictly avoid use of tan beds
  • Consult a doctor if required