Windows 10 Rebooting Option to Prevent it from Acting Up

There are several problems that people are facing by using Windows 10 operating system. No doubt it is one of the latest operating system being offered by Google. As there can be nothing that is perfect, Windows 10 also have to face a few problems.

This article will tell you about the top problem’s users face while using Windows 10 and the solution to face it.

In case you are using a personal hotspot to connect to the internet over 4G, you will find that all the background processes and downloads are eating up your internet speed. You can stop this by going to settings and then clicking on the network & internet option. Then click on Wi-Fi advanced option and switch to “set as metered connection”.

Another problem faced by users is that Windows 10 doesn’t have its own DVD player built in it. You can download a DVD player from Microsoft or instead download VLC player instead.

Windows 10 is great to keep all your notifications in one place, but it will soon become cluttered with messages from apps that you hardly use or interested. You can go to Windows 10 safe mode if you are facing any problems to restart your computer. If you Want to Know More about Windows 10 safe mode, Please Check Scuttlenet