Different Ways to Use Weft Hair Extensions

Remy weft hair extensions are a popular choice among women. One of the reasons they prefer is because of the variety of choices available in its application.

Not only are they convenient to adorn but they also give you an extremely beautiful final look.

Let’s throw light on some popular ways of applying it to your natural hair –

Sew in – Here, the extensions are first braided with a needle and thread which is then sewed on to your head with a braid. This method is best done by an expert hair stylist.

Weave in – The weft weave hair extensions are just like sew-in, but a net is also sewn-in over the braids. The net prevents hair from expanding after shampoo. It is ideal for thin hair.

Glue in – If the idea of a permanent braided hair is unappealing to you; then you can opt for this method. Here, your hair is first parted horizontally from ear to ear and then the extensions attached to the lower section of the hair using special adhesive. The only thing you need to take care of is to attach the extensions a little below the root. This lets the movement of hair remain free and also makes styling easy.

Fusion – It is one of the most preferred options despite being the most expensive as it lasts the longest. Using special wax, the wefts are attached to the hair, strand by strand. You can adorn it for six months at a stretch.

You also have the clip in type which is instantaneous. The method can be selected as per your convenience.