Digital dental X-Ray is definitely a technology which has been existing for many years. There has been a considerable improvement in this field over the years and many dental practices are holding on to the technology regularly. The fact is that most of the practices still make use of radiography. Some dentists are skeptical about changing to digital radiography as it turns out to be expensive affair.

While traditional radiography is a known way of getting dental x-rays, digital radiography provided many additional advantages over the traditional method. At Miles of Smiles Dental we offer you the best service in this particular matter. Personally, we would recommend digital x-rays over traditional radiography.

The benefits of digital x-rays are much better than the traditional methods of getting them done. The most important difference is the ability to see the radiographic images instantly. The pictures instantly appear on the computer screen within minutes of taking them. Once there is image on the scree, you can do different things with it like zoom in and out, darken the image, take dimensions and manipulate however you want it. Some softwares even allow us to grade the density of bone in a patient.

Another advantage of using digital radiography method is it offer the capability to save the radiographic images of a patient in the database of a computer instead of maintaining a chart. This offers an organized way of retrieving images and storing them. The database prevents the risk of losing the information about a particular patient. It reduces paper waste to a great extent. Besides this, there is another advantage for clinicians when it comes to communicating with practitioners. It is easy to forward the images of a patient to a disc which can be taken to other practitioners if needed. You can also email these images to other doctors.