1300 numbers are becoming popular in the world of business. The reason behind this is that they come with a range of advantages that are not obtained with normal phone numbers. With so many advantages, everyone is looking for Small Business Telecoms Solutions.

What are these 1300 numbers?

These types of phone numbers are beneficial when we see from the perspective of a business because it helps the customers to call for the price of a local call no matter where you are located. Apart from this, there are a variety of other advantages to businesses.

Advantages of 1300 numbers

Along with offering a free and affordable way for customers to contact a business and increase the chances, of doing so, these numbers provide a variety of many benefits to a business when compared with other normal numbers.

First of all, these are easy to remember than other standard numbers. As per some studies they are more memorable and can also be combined with smart numbers which say that the name of product or business, which makes for convenient recall.

1300 numbers can make a business appear greater than it actually is. As these numbers were the preserve of big business traditionally, the perception of people is that any business which is large can only have these numbers. But today regardless of the size of business, one can have these numbers easily.

Along with making the business look larger, these 1300 numbers can actually increase the reach of business, which allows the customers to respond to promotion campaigns from the local region, thus it increases the potential client for any business.

Mobility is another benefit of these numbers. Any business can take the number with them as far as they continue to pay the associated fee, even if they move their business to a new location.